28 Mechanics Share The Most Messed Up Cars That Have Ever Rolled Into Their Shop

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You can't hide anything from your dentist or your mechanic. They can tell that you've been lax on that regular maintenance so there's no point in lying. You can see what mechanics consider to be some of the sorriest and strangest things they've ever had to work on in the following list (sourced from r/justrolledintotheshop). Be sure to vote up your favorites and seriously, go get that oil change.

  • 1. The Computer Says It's All Good

    The Computer Says It's All Good
    Photo: u/Trip_Jones / Reddit
    384 votes
  • 2. Looks A Little Off

    Looks A Little Off
    Photo: u/thegirlthatmeowsalot / Reddit
    280 votes
  • 3. It's Not Meant To Look Like That?

    It's Not Meant To Look Like That?
    Photo: u/domster22 / Reddit
    239 votes
  • 4. That's A Bad Thing?

    That's A Bad Thing?
    Photo: u/izhevsk762 / Reddit
    241 votes
  • 5. About To Pop!

    About To Pop!
    Photo: u/Mandersonned / Reddit
    312 votes
  • 6. What Is Happening Here?

    What Is Happening Here?
    Photo: u/Swifty3174 / Reddit
    212 votes