27 Mechanics Share The Most Unhinged Things They've Seen In The Shop

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For every strange or neglectful car owner there's a mechanic trying to make things right. They're sharing their experiences on r/justrolledintotheshop and we feel their pain and confusion.

  • 1. Perfection Achieved

    Perfection Achieved
    Photo: u/Pinfari13 / Reddit
    620 votes
  • 2. Punctured

    Photo: u/ae112r / Reddit
    430 votes
  • 3. Get What You Pay For

    Get What You Pay For
    Photo: u/imzeigen / Reddit
    450 votes
  • 4. The Wear Reveals All

    The Wear Reveals All
    Photo: u/bauertastic / Reddit
    339 votes
  • 5. Nature Finds A Way

    Nature Finds A Way
    Photo: u/Naive-Historian-2110 / Reddit
    388 votes
  • 6. A Thoughtful Post

    A Thoughtful Post
    Photo: u/theminimalist2018 / Reddit
    370 votes