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Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Justice League

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The Justice League has been around since 1960, and throughout that time, just about every superhero in the DC Universe has been a member. Although the team is widely recognized for featuring the so-called "Big Three" of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, its roster includes so much more. Over the years, the JLA has included Black Canary, Plastic Man, Supergirl, Stargirl, Zatanna, and dozens more.

If you're a fan, you probably know a lot about the team. Still, with 60-plus years of history, there are things you probably don't know about the Justice League. After all, the group has been featured in thousands of comic books, numerous television series, a feature-length live-action movie, and more.

This list includes some of the more interesting things people probably don't know about the Justice League.

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    The Flash Remains Deceased In The Comics Longer Than Anyone

    Most comic book characters who "die" tend to come back relatively quickly. It could take a single issue or a series, but most are back in a year or two. That's not how it went for Barry Allen, AKA the Flash, who perishes during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which take place in 1985.

    While other characters arise during his absence bearing the same name, none are Barry Allen. He remains out of action for longer than anyone in the history of DC Comics - 23 years.

    That's an exceptionally long period of time for a character to remain absent, but it's likely the writers and artists who worked on Crisis on Infinite Earths didn't want to see Barry's sacrifice weakened. When he finally returns in 2008's Flash: Rebirth, that doesn't happen, and he is widely regarded as one of the most heroic members of the Justice League.

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    Aquaman Went To College To Learn About Fish

    If your knowledge of Aquaman stems from the film of the same name, you might be surprised to find that Aquaman has changed a bit over the years. Back in the earlier days of the character, he goes to college to learn all about fish, and while he is there, goes by the rather obvious moniker "Mr. Waterman." He wears glasses and somehow doesn't look anything like himself, Clark Kent-style.

    By the end of the first day, he can't stand being out of the water for so long, so he makes his way to the school's pool to splash around. The following day, he finds out that the school must win its next swim meet or lose a lot of funding. Aquaman offers up his particular set of skills to ensure the school's ichthyologist department continues to operate. He holds his breath for 15 minutes and ultimately comes out as Aquaman to his coach.

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    Superman's Powers Have Been Wildly Inconsistent

    Superman, the original superhero, has been around since 1938, which means he's been written and illustrated by hundreds of people over the years. Early on, he couldn't fly or run at supersonic speeds, wasn't nearly as strong as he is now, and wasn't susceptible to Kryptonite. Several of his other powers that are now commonplace took a while to manifest.

    Even when he looked much like the Superman of today, he had some strange powers - most of which he lost. He could shape-shift, control minds, phase through matter, and do hypnosis. He also had "super ventriloquism," telekinetic vision, something called "super-imagination," and the ability to fire off mini versions of himself from his hands.

    The Crisis on Infinite Earths helped to rein in a lot of these powers, and John Byrne's The Man of Steel solidified his powers and strength to the levels seen today.

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    Martian Manhunter Is Addicted To Cookies

    Martian Manhunter is addicted to a brand of cookies in the DC Universe called Chocos, which are similar to Oreos. He first acquires a taste for them whenever he isn't working on monitor duty. Basically, any time he isn't working in an official capacity, he's eating from a bag of Chocos, and it becomes something of a joke to his fellow Justice League members.

    Booster Gold and Blue Beetle decide to play a joke on their Martian comrade, so they take his remaining supply and purchase the entire stock of Chocos from every retailer in the city. When he discovers his Chocos are missing, J'onn freaks out and has a tantrum. When he does, his shape-shifting abilities go into overdrive, and he - for lack of a better DC term - Hulks out! 

    He tears through the city looking for Chocos, and as he does, his intellect declines. He becomes so brutish and damaging, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have to lure him to a warehouse to calm him down with their stash of cookies. It's eventually revealed that Chocos contain a chemical that causes a narcotic-like response in Martians. Eventually, however, Martian Manhunter figures out a way to exorcise the dependency from his body.

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