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All The Easter Eggs And References You Missed In 'Justice League'

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As with every comic book movie that is part of a larger franchise, Justice League is bursting with Easter eggs and references. The Justice League Easter eggs found in the movie are some of the best the DCEU has yet offered. With so many legendary DC heroes on screen, there are tons of opportunities for references and nods to the source material. Zack Snyder didn't disappoint, setting fans to whooping and hollering at numerous points throughout the film.

While Justice League is receiving tepid reviews, comic book fans, and superhero fans in general, are apt to love it despite its flaws as a film. True DC fans, be sure to see the film before diving in - unless you don't mind spoilers and want to be able to keep an eye out. Heck, maybe even give Batman v Superman a re-watch. At any rate, be warned, there are Apokolips-tic spoilers ahead.

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    The Green Lantern Corps Make An Appearance

    Justice League contains a flashback to an epic ancient battle between Steppenwolf and his cronies facing off against the allied forces of Atlanteans, Amazons, Men, the Old Gods (Greek Gods), and even a few Green Lanterns (the appearance of which will make the hardcore DC fans in theaters erupt.) Since this is indeed an ancient war, the identities of these particular Lanterns are unknown (though one look's like Salaak of Space Sector 1418), and one is even slain, after which we see his power ring take off in search of a new hero to take up the mantle.

    The Green Lantern Corps will return to the big screen with their own movie in 2020, which will hopefully be enough time to heal the wounds inflicted by the Ryan Reynolds fiasco.

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    Wondering Where They Got The Storyline? Read "Justice League: Origin"

    Pretty much the entire plot of the movie, Justice League, is pulled from Justice League: Origin, the New 52's reboot of the super team. Some things are changed in the movie - Steppenwolf is the main villain instead of Darkseid and the Green Lantern is missing - but the overarching plot is roughly the same. Those who have read the comic will recognize an early scene where a Parademon (the name for Darkseid's minions) self-destructs aftera a battle with Batman - a scene straight from the comics. 

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    Batman Might Be Looking To Build The Hall Of Justice

    Photo: Super Friends (1973) / ABC

    At the film's end Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is discussed renovation plans for Wayne Manor. He mentions they should get a "big round table with six chairs." This seating arrangement and workspace sounds an awful lot like the The Hall Of Justice which was included in the Super Friends cartoon of the early 1970s. 

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    Batman v Superman's Time-Travel Scene Now Makes Sense

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    Many viewers didn't like the inclusion of a scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in which a time-traveling Barry Allen sticks his head into Bruce's timeline to warn him that Lois is the key to something. This was setting up what was to come in Justice League. When the team raises Superman from the dead, he's initially disoriented and violent, and he takes them down one by one, even asking Bruce, "Do you bleed?" before he's apparently about to kill him. Bruce calls in "the big guns" and Lois Lane is ushered to the scene to bring Clark back to himself. 

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