Jokes From Justice League Unlimited That Went Right Over Your Head As A Kid

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Justice League Unlimited and its DC animated universe brethren (Batman and Superman: The Animated Series) are some of the best examples of all-ages TV in the last 30 years. Part of the show's enduring appeal is likely due to the deliberately adult jokes in Justice League Unlimited. For a Cartoon Network show promoting the virtues of heroism and sacrifice, Justice League Unlimited jokes for adults range from extremely clever to downright raunchy. 

So while many viewers enjoyed the heroic action and brilliant team-ups from 2004 to 2006, it's only upon looking back or rewatching the classic series you realize how many Justice League Unlimited jokes you didn't understand as a kid. Everyone is in on the surprisingly complex, adult humor, from Wonder Woman to Supergirl to Green Arrow.

Below you'll find all the best Justice League Unlimited jokes that make way more sense now, and you'll finally know why you're parents seemed particularly tickled every time The Question made an appearance.