Jokes From Justice League Unlimited That Went Right Over Your Head As A Kid

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Justice League Unlimited and its DC animated universe brethren (Batman and Superman: The Animated Series) are some of the best examples of all-ages TV in the last 30 years. Part of the show's enduring appeal is likely due to the deliberately adult jokes in Justice League Unlimited. For a Cartoon Network show promoting the virtues of heroism and sacrifice, Justice League Unlimited jokes for adults range from extremely clever to downright raunchy. 

So while many viewers enjoyed the heroic action and brilliant team-ups from 2004 to 2006, it's only upon looking back or rewatching the classic series you realize how many Justice League Unlimited jokes you didn't understand as a kid. Everyone is in on the surprisingly complex, adult humor, from Wonder Woman to Supergirl to Green Arrow.

Below you'll find all the best Justice League Unlimited jokes that make way more sense now, and you'll finally know why you're parents seemed particularly tickled every time The Question made an appearance.

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    Question And Huntress Have Terrible Phone Sex

    Question And Huntress Have Terrible Phone Sex
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    Justice League Unlimited is stacked with great Question moments. Honestly, one of the major takeaways from rewatching Justice League Unlimited as an adult is that a Paul Dini and Bruce Timm inspired Question animated series would be amazing. This exchange between Vic and Huntress in "Grudge Match" may top them all:

    Huntress: "So, what are you wearing?"

    Question: "Blue overcoat. Fedora."

    Huntress: "You really stink at this."

    Question: "Orange socks?"

    He may be on to a million criminal conspiracies, but The Question certainly has not cracked phone sex yet.

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    Black Canary And Green Arrow Go A Few Rounds

    Black Canary And Green Arrow Go A Few Rounds
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    Green Arrow's infatuation with the voluptuous Black Canary is clear from the pilot of Justice League Unlimited. Oliver Queen also casually remarks to Supergirl (you know, the teenager) that he's been literally dreaming of Black Canary some nights, too. In "The Cat and the Canary," the two finally meet, leading to this exchange, loaded with sexual tension:

    Black Canary: "You happy the punching the bag, or you want to a few rounds with me."

    Green Arrow: *Stares at Black Canary taking off coat*

    Black Canary: "I AM talking about sparring."

    Green Arrow: "That'd be nice, too."

    Maybe he'd also be interested in... arrow practice?

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    Holy Keep It In Your Pants, Batman!

    Holy Keep It In Your Pants, Batman!
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    The Season 1 finale, "Epilogue," leads to a bizarre bit of sexual innuendo between Task Force X (Suicide Squad) director Amanda Waller, and Batman Beyond hero Terry McGuiness. A much older Waller is explaining her involvement with Batman Beyond, and how Bruce Wayne's DNA comes into the picture:

    Amanda Waller: "Bruce's DNA was easy enough to obtain. He left it all over town."

    Terry McGuinness: *Raises Eyebrow*

    Amanda Waller: "Not REMOTELY what I meant."

    Nobody thought it was, Amanda, especially not children! That said, it's hilarious to picture Batman running around Gotham with all the self-control of a 13-year-old finding a copy of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

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    Go Eat A Banana, Grodd

    Go Eat A Banana, Grodd
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    You may not necessarily seek out a children's superhero cartoon for its Eastern European and literal Gorilla ex-lovers, but that's exactly what you get in "The Great Brain Robbery." Gorilla Grodd and Tala are romantically entangled partners, until Lex Luthor takes over the Injustice League (he wasn't particularly impressed by Grodd's "turn everyone into Gorillas" master plan). Lex and Tala confront an imprisoned Grodd, leading to this egregiously sexual back and forth:

    Grodd: "Ah, Tala, my old groupie. I so miss... bending you to my will."

    Tala: "Go eat a banana."

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    Power Girl's Got Huge... Tracts of Land

    Power Girl's Got Huge... Tracts of Land
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    In the Season 1 episode "Fearful Symmetry," Green Arrow and Supergirl enlist the aid of The Question to uncover a conspiracy about Kara's violent, criminal dreams. Supergirl was having vivid nightmares of committing serious crimes. The trio uncovers the real perpetrator is actually a psychically-linked clone of Kara, albeit with some slight... modifications. As Green Arrow puts it upon seeing Kara's clone, "She's a little more... [camera zooms in on Power Girl boob window] mature than you."

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    The Sexual Orientation Of Superheroes

    The Sexual Orientation Of Superheroes
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    The first episode of Season 3, "I Am Legion," features Hawkgirl messing with Flash after she finds him ogling his female teammates Fire and Ice. Hawkgirl initially encourages Flash to just go talk to the girl he's clearly crushing on, but Flash is too afraid. This leads to Shayera telling him, "You'd probably be wasting your time anyway. I hear she's, y'know... [Camera shows Fire & Ice laughing and smiling] Brazilian."

    Flash seems worried for a moment that Fire is a lesbian and won't date him, but realizes Hawkgirl is teasing him instead, leading to a sarcastic "ha ha." 

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