Weird History

Large-Scale Paranoid Conspiracies That Turned Out to Be True

Everyone has an irrational fear of something. Maybe you're skeptical about the number 12. Maybe you believe every cop has it out for you and is simply biding their time before they lock you away. Maybe it's so bad that you never left the house out of fear of being mugged or trampled by wild horses or being crushed by a falling satellite. 

The point is, paranoias are irrational and exaggerated thoughts that often take control of people's lives in ways they never expect. But what happens when they collectively begin to believe these fears? And moreover, what happens when they actually come true? 

There are – and will be – countless events that will go unexplained in a person's lifetime. They're strange coincidences that seem to have invisible strings pulling at them, but most rational minds will find ways to keep them in check.

Below is a list of paranoias that not only proved to be true, but also true on a massive scale, and with global implications.