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Jacob Shelton
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Beliebers, it's the end of an era. After getting engaged to model Hailey Baldwin during a trip to the Baker's Bay resort in the Bahamas, the boy king Justin Bieber is officially off the market as of July 2018. Reactions to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement started popping off as soon as the news broke via social media, and the response split between self-abasing sadness and pure joy. Fans chimed in, celebrities tipped their hats, and the blond duo's parents gave props on Twitter and Instagram.

A common theme among fans is one of betrayal. They believe since they've followed the pop star's career from Never Say Never to Purpose, they deserve to wear Bieber's nuptial bling instead of Baldwin. Some fans indifferent about making it to the altar with their fave feel Bieber should give it another go with Selena Gomez, but as you'll see, that ship has sailed. Check out how fans reacted to Justin Bieber's engagement. If you’re having a big mood about Bieber's upcoming nuptials, vote it up.

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