The Douchiest Things Justin Bieber Has Ever Done

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List of the douchiest things Justin Bieber has ever done. From abandoning his own pet monkey in Germany to showing up with a 20-person entourage to guest-host SNL, the Biebs has done quite a few questionable things in recent history. There comes a time in most young famous peoples' lives when their "acting out" incidents become more and more frequent, and the public reaction starts to move away from, "Aw, he probably didn't know any better," to "Ah! What a d-bag!" This list rounds up funny Justin Bieber quotes, stories of him acting dumb, and lays out the evidence for why Justin Bieber is a douche – deciding what you think is up to you. 

Is Justin Bieber a douchebag? Obvs, this depends on who you ask. Devoted fans – Bielebers and those who have Bieber-fever would (or course) say that he is not and that there are many good things about Justin Bieber. But what about the general public? Is spitting in your neighbor's face, threatening paparazzi, and refusing to pay for services that you used enough reason to call someone a douche? Is he actually one of the biggest douchebags in Hollywood? Or is he just acting how any other young person would in these circumstances? Does the Biebs deserve a little slack since he is from Canada and new to all of this fame?

You can use this list of douch-ey JB moments to make your own decision and judge for yourself. Vote on your favorite d-bag move by the ever-popular teenage heartthrob/popstar, and share with your friends to see what they think.

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    He Hotboxed A Jet

    Bieber and his dad supposedly smoked so much weed in their private jet from Canada to New Jersey in January 2014 that the pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks so they'd be able to pass upcoming drug tests and fly the plane. 

    On the same flight, Biebs and his crew were also allegedly "extremely abusive" to a female flight attendant and wouldn't stop harassing her for the duration of the trip. It got so bad that she eventually chose to hide in the cockpit with (the oxygen mask-wearing) pilots rather than mingle with the pop star and his posse. 

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    He Maybe Spat Off A Balcony Onto Fans

    In 2013, the tween-idol was photographed supposedly spitting over the side of a hotel balcony – directly above the faces of hundreds of loyal fans who were gathered below in hopes of catching a glimpse of him. He was then photographed cracking up with his friends and pointing down.

    Bieber's team denied the spitting occurred.

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  • He Used Hateful Language
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    He Used Hateful Language

    A couple of days after a video surfaced of him using the n-word in a joke, more inappropriate words uttered by a young Bieber have come to light. Filmed when he was 14, the video is a parody of his own song, "One Less Lonely Girl," in which he replaces “girl” for the n-world.

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    After Being Told to Drive More Carefully, He Spat In His Neighbor's Face

    Bieber allegedly hocked a loogie and spit it in his 47-year-old neighbor's face in 2013, after the father of three screamed at him to drive more carefully. Word has it that Bieber had a new Ferrari delivered to his Calabasas home at 8 AM and decided to take it for a test drive inside his gated community. Many neighbors complained that he was driving around 100 mph inside their little community. 

    When one neighbor confronted him and said, "You can't drive like this!" Bieber responded by saying, "Get the f**k out of here," and then he spit in the guy's face and said, “I'm gonna f**king kill you.”

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    He Peed Into A Restaurant Mop Bucket

    A leaked video from 2013 shows Bieber leaving the club through a restaurant kitchen and stopping to urinate in the restaurant's mop bucket. Before exiting through the back door, he also took the opportunity to share some political beliefs – screaming "F**k Bill Clinton!" while he sprayed a photo of the former president with cleaning fluid. 

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    He Abandoned His Pet Monkey In Germany

    In March 2013, Bieber flew to Munich to put on a few performances as part of his world tour. On his return trip, his entourage grew just a little bit bigger – to include one new (adorable) baby capuchin monkey. Unfortunately, with all of the excitement around his new pet, Biebs neglected to bring one very, very important document with him to the airport: the necessary clearance forms that would allow him to bring the monkey in and out of Germany.

    German officials seized little OG Mally (which is the monkey's name), and placed him under quarantine. A local animal shelter announced it would give Bieber (who was still in Germany) four weeks to return to Munich with the necessary paperwork to claim his little fella, or else the monkey would be given to a European zoo. Bieber had his people email the shelter to let them know he would not be coming back for him. 

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