The Many Celebrity Exes Of Justin Theroux

Who has Justin Theroux dated? The actor gained prominence for his role on the hit TV series The Leftovers, but his personal life tends to draw as much attention as his fictional one. From actresses to models, this is the complete Justin Theroux dating history, so you can keep track of everyone he's been with. 

Some of these relationships have been confirmed while others are merely rumors. Take some of these entries with a grain of salt, knowing Theroux likes to keep much of his personal life private. Is Justin Theroux married? The answer to that question is, "No." He was married to Jennifer Aniston for a couple of years, but they divorced in 2017. Since that time, there have been many rumored Justin Theroux girlfriends, but he has not yet remarried. 

One of the big rumored Justin Theroux relationships following his divorce was with Emma Stone. Before Stone, Theroux was seen together with Laura Harrier, an actress who starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In 2019, there was a rumor he dated Elizabeth Hurley, but there's no concrete evidence to back that relationship up yet. Is Justin Theroux single? It appears, for now, he is. 

There have been numerous people Justin Theroux dated over the years. This list will go through some of his more prominent women Justin Theroux dated.