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Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Justin Timberlake

He was a pre-teen-dream as a Mouseketeer, a boy band heartthrob during the days of 'NSYNC, and in the last decade, has been coined the one and only Prince of Pop. Justin Timberlake has worked with some of the most impressive names in music, ranging from Michael Jackson to Pharrell Williams to Jay Z, and his career doesn't stop on the stage. Comedy? He's a regular host on SNL. Songwriting? Only for some of the biggest names on the pop charts. Activism? He's won multiple awards for LGBT rights and environmental rights.

On this list of Justin Timberlake trivia, you'll learn all kinds of interesting facts about the husband/father/actor/golfer you can't help but love. You see his face all over celebrity gossip magazines and websites, you hear his songs on the radio, but who is Justin Timberlake? Like, the real, "D*ck in a Box"-writing goofball who loves tequila almost as much as he loves his friend Jimmy Fallon? If you're a pop-hungry fan or simply curious about the man who has changed the game of pop since his rise on the scene, this Justin Timberlake bio will give you plenty of insight into his real life.

The once country-singing "Justin Randall" has blossomed into a husband and a father, and one of the most influential artists of the 21st century. It's been an entertaining pleasure to watch his versatile talents influence pop-culture as a whole.