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15 Extremely Deadly Jutsu That Can Kill You In One Shot

September 18, 2020 10k votes 1.5k voters 146k views15 items

The world of Naruto has some incredibly powerful jutsu. Among the strongest are the one hit kill jutsu that can destroy their target in an instant. Known only by the most powerful ninja, these attacks are often the strongest moves they have in their arsenals. 

One great example is Sasuke Uchiha's Indra's arrow, which focuses the energy from all nine tailed beasts into one single arrow. There's also Kaguya's All-Killing Ash Bones, which let her stab an opponent with her bones, and destroy them on the molecular level. But it's not just at the end of the series that these powerful techniques appear - Gaara debuts his Sand Waterfall Funeral towards the beginning of the series, and that's devastatingly strong.

Vote up the 1-hit KO jutsu that you definitely wouldn't want to get hit with, and vote down the ones you think you could probably survive. 

  • 1. Totsuka Blade

    The Totsuka Blade is a legendary sword that normally resides in a container of sake, and takes its sword form when used. Itachi uses it as an attachment to his Susano-o technique, along with the Yata Mirror. It can be used to cut, once lopping off seven of Orochimaru's heads in his snake form. It can also be used to do things like remove curses or pull out people's souls. 

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  • 2. All-Killing Ash Bones

    This is one of Kaguya's more horrifying techniques. By hardening and extending her bones out of her skin, she then pierces her target with them as if they were swords. This causes the target's body to disintegrate at the molecular level. While some 1-Hit KO techniques can be survived if the victim is powerful enough, this one is impossible to live through if it actually connects with the target's body. 

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  • 3. Indra's Arrow

    Sasuke Uchiha was able to use Indra's Arrow by absorbing chakra from all nine of the Tailed Beasts, combining them into the shell of Susano-o, and then harnessing that energy to shoot a Chidori-infused bow-and-arrow at his target. This attack is Sasuke's strongest offensive ability, but he only uses it once. 

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  • 4. Flying Thunder God Slash

    Flying Thunder God Slash is one of Tobirama's most powerful techniques. Using space-time ninjutsu, he instantly teleports close to his opponent and then attacks them with a bladed weapon like a sword. He moves so quickly that not even a Sharingan eye is capable of tracking him, which makes the attack almost impossible to evade. 

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