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15 Things You Didn't Know About Kakashi Hatake

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Team 7's instructor Kakashi Hatake is one of the most beloved characters not just in Naruto, but in anime as a whole. No matter how popular he might be, there will always be a few bits of Kakashi Hatake trivia that even diehard fans aren't aware of. 

There are plenty of interesting things you didn't know about Kakashi to talk about, ranging from the meaning of his name and his mission stats to important details about his childhood and his powers that might have been forgotten. There's also information about what Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, intended for the character - did you know that he was originally supposed to be a strict, serious samurai?

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    His Mission Stats Are Off The Charts

    It's common knowledge that Kakashi is one of the greatest ninja in the Naruto-verse - but what exactly has he accomplished to earn that distinction? The answer can be found in the numbers. Kakashi has completed a grand total of 1,141 missions since the beginning of his career. 197 of those were simple D-Rank missions, 190 were slightly more complex C-Rank missions, 414 were B-Rank, 298 were difficult A-Rank, and 42 were S-rank, which only the most highly skilled ninja are trusted to undertake. If that's not impressive, nothing is. 

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    He Was A Child Soldier

    How could Kakashi have possibly had time to go on 1,141 missions when he's only in his late 20s when he's introduced? By starting outlandishly early. Kakashi graduated from Ninja Academy at the tender age of five. For context, real five-year-olds can be expected to occasionally use a knife to cut their food but may still need supervision, they may be able to write some letters or numbers, and might even have the motor skills required to skip.

    By age six, Kakashi is competent enough to become a chuunin. If you've watched the chuunin exam arc, you know how difficult it is to achieve that rank, let alone actually do the job. Most other ninja are twice that age before they even try.

    Part of the reason he was promoted so early was due to wartime shortages of labor, but it also says a lot about his skill level - and about the severe trauma he endured as a child. 

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    Retirement Is A Distant Dream For Kakashi

    Despite his frequent complaints of being overworked - and the fact that he's been on the job since before he could read - Kakashi isn't retiring any time soon. After a stint working as the hokage, Kakashi went right back to taking on missions. Sure, he's technically retired, but if he isn't actually going to stop working, that means little. Kakashi not only advises his former student, he also investigates problems on his own. No one can beat Kakashi when it comes to dedication to his job. 

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    He's Had The Mangekyo Sharingan For Years

    Kakashi didn't debut his mangekyo sharingan until his battle with Deidara, but he could have used it much sooner. Actually, his mangekyo activated at the same time Obito's did - when Kakashi was forced to take Rin's life. 

    No one knows for certain why Kakashi waited so long to use his powers, but here are a few theories. The first is the most meta: Kishimoto simply didn't have everything about the mangekyo worked out yet. Another is based on how taxing using the sharingan is for Kakashi - because he isn't an Uchiha, using its powers drains most of his chakra and can leave him unconscious for weeks at a time. It seems logical that he'd want to avoid using it if it weren't absolutely necessary. 

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