Graveyard Shift

Kane Hodder Is Way More Than Just The Man Behind Jason Voorhees's Hockey Mask

Though he is best known as the silent, masked stalker Jason Voorhees in four of the Friday the 13th movies, Kane Hodder's long career (which includes more than 100 film credits) has seen him play a literal rogues' gallery of some of the grisliest modern monsters to stalk the silver screen. In an early role, he actually put live worms in his mouth, demonstrating a fearlessness and commitment that helped him land his most famous part.

Kane Hodder has starred as Jason, Leatherface, the deranged Victor Crowley in the popular Hatchet series, and some of the most notorious real-life slayers in history. His other movies run the gamut from superhero flicks such as Daredevil and Batman Forever to the horror movies he is usually associated with.

More than a stunt performer or an actor, Hodder is a survivor, detailing his life in his autobiography, Unmasked, as well as a tell-all documentary, To Hell and Back. Here are some more facts about the man behind the mask and how he played the villains that haunt your nightmares.