Weird Nature Visual Proof That Kangaroos Are Among Nature's Greatest Creations  

Mick Jacobs

The kangaroo, Australia's most recognizable mascot, occupies a niche (or pouch) no other animal comes close to filling. In the marsupial's honor, this video highlights some of the most majestic kangaroo greatest feats caught on camera.

Although your science textbooks and Discovery Channel typically feature them in the outback, kangaroos go to more than just steakhouses. They appear on golf courses, the beach, even in your own front yard if you look hard enough (and also if you live in Sydney or Perth).

And they do far more than just hop around or chill in their parents' pouches. Kangaroos like to box, they like to play, and some even like to take a dip in the nearby body of water.

With the face of a rabbit, the arms of a bodybuilder, and the pouch of a pencil case, kangaroos truly drive in a lane all their own. Watch some of the kangaroo's greatest moments in the video below.