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A Genuine Portal To Hell Might Be In This Rural Kansas Church

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There's not a whole lot happening in rural Kansas, unless of course you're the Devil. According to some local lore, Hell's gate is in Kansas. The quiet, 19th century resting ground known as Stull Cemetery might just be one of the world's portals to Hell.

It's unclear why Satan would claim a small, sleepy rural town about 15 miles from Lawrence as his homebase. He seems like a true city-slicker. Maybe he was just looking to retire or wanted to be left alone (it must certainly be disheartening seeing your name attached to every bad thing that happens, ever). Either way, the town of Stull is said to be home to one of the few churches that sit on Hell's mouth. That's right, Satan's zip code is truly 666(06).

Places where people have reportedly found real portals to Hell are rare, but Stull Cemetery and the old stone church on its property is one of the most renowned. You don't get the title of most evil graveyard in America for nothing - you need sizable reports of ghosts, demons, and inexplicable supernatural occurrences. This property has had rumors swirling since the '70s, much to the dismay of the local police force. You'd think that few people are begging to knock on Satan's door, but when a Kansas church hides a portal to Hell, all hell truly does break loose.

This is the story of Stull Cemetery – a quiet, rural cemetery so frightening it had Ariana Grande, one of the most well-traveled pop stars in the world, turn right around. It is a cemetery so mysterious that it was featured on Supernatural. The devil is truly in the details.

  • Some Believe The Legend Was Invented By Kids At The University Of Kansas

    Photo: University of Kansas/Gen. Quon / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Stull's churchyard has long been thought to be a portal to Hell, but a University of Kansas student newspaper article was one of the first times the rumors were actually committed to print.

    In November 1974, an article claimed that the church grounds saw a number of strange, paranormal happenings and it was haunted by supernatural beings. The paper asserted that the Devil appeared two times a year in Stull Cemetery (apparently crawling out of the depths of Hell is just too long of a trip to pop in more than a couple times a year).

    Four years later, on March 20, 1978, over 150 people gathered at the cemetery waiting for the Devil to show up. They believed that people who passed would rise from the grave. Of course, none of this happened, either because the Devil was camera shy or the portal doesn't exist.

    In fact, most of the claims about Stull Cemetery haven't been investigated. There's a whole lack of proof, and according to a source, the pastor at the church across the street believes the entire legend was invented by students at the University of Kansas. Another source claims the legend was actually invented by a professor in the 1950s, which eventually led to the 1974 article. 

  • No One Knows Who Finally Destroyed The Church

    The church was rumored to be evil for myriad reasons, which is why people think it was destroyed. However, no one actually knows who bulldozed the building. The church was already falling down. It lost its roof and had been through a fire. Lighting struck the abandoned building, which cracked the old stone wall. It was badly damaged by vandalism, and townspeople even removed a collapsed wall fearing that falling debris would hurt visitors. It still wasn't torn down until 2002.

    According to an alleged Lawrence Journal-World article, "the old stone church was mysteriously torn down on Friday, March 29, 2002," but no one had ordered its removal. Property owner Major Weiss and members of Harvest Hills LLC were not aware of the demolition. Some suspect that angry townspeople finally had enough, whether it was truly evil or they couldn't tolerate the fuss the rumors caused.

  • Stull Cemetery Was Featured In The CW Hit 'Supernatural'

    Leave it to CW's Supernatural to finally bring Stull Cemetery's storied history to the mainstream. The church and surrounding graveyard on Emmanuel Hill is in the Season 5 episode "Swan Song" as the site for Michael and Lucifer's final battle.

    It is featured again in the first episode of Season 6 when Sam Winchester is resurrected and wakes up in the infamous graveyard. The cemetery makes its final appearance in the Season 11 episode "The Devil in the Details," where Lucifer takes Sam on a trip down memory lane.

  • It's Rumored That The Cure Refused To Play In Kansas Because Of The Cemetery

    It's rumored that English rock band, The Cure, refused to play in Kansas because of the cemetery. Roger O'Donnell, the band's keyboard player, dismissed the idea as hearsay. Stull's connection to rock doesn't end there, however; Slash, a guitarist for Guns N' Roses, was involved in the production of a horror film that takes place in Stull. The band Urge Overkill named an album and a song after the location.