Mockery 8 Times Kanye Bragged About His Just OK Outfits  

Michael Moss
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Most people think they dress well. But most people are also smart enough not to brag about it because they know that five years later they'll be browsing their Facebook photos saying "What was I thinking?!" But Kanye West is definitely not most people (though he has compared himself to an alarming number of celebrities). Despite having expressed regret over style choices he made early in his career, Kanye appears not to have learned from his mistakes. He has become obsessed with the fashion industry, and is convinced he always looks incredible, though as this list shows, he often looks just okay.

He's even gone so far as creating a Kanye West clothing line so people can buy Kanye West fashions and look just like him! Thanks, Ye! He's taking it so seriously that it has gotten him into clashes with people like Sway and Jimmy Kimmel.

When Kanye brags about his creative genius, it makes some sense, since he has a sparkling catalog of hit songs to his credit and he has actually made some important contributions to world of fashion with his Kanye West style. He debuted the futuristic "Stronger" sunglasses and pulled hip hop style away from its baggy origins, but there's no doubt that through his experimentation he has worn a lot of seriously wack pieces. He loves to rave about his fashion genius, but when he looks straight faced into the camera and proclaims that the Cosby sweater and ripped jeans he's wearing are on some genius next level, it seems awkward and often comes off hilarious. 

We've compiled the best videos of Kanye telling you he's well dressed, whether on the street, at awards shows, or in his rhymes, all the while wearing some extremely questionable outfits. You be the judge.
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Coming Out the Gas Station Dressed Like a High School Skateboarder

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1:30 - "I know you guys are gonna photograph me. I know it makes a cool photo. I got a cool ass car and shit. I got a dope ass outfit on. It's all good."
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On the Red Carpet Looking Out of Place in a Weird Hoodie

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0:45 - "I came to look fresh so I can look at myself on TV."
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Underdressed in a Jean Vest in the "Stronger" Video

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0:40 - "Awesome, the Christian in Christian Dior. Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore."
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Wearing a Pair of Ugly Oversized Sunglasses

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VH1 video - "What I'll do today though as a survey I'll walk around with this outfit and I'll just see if there's anyone else dressed better than me. I'll call you later and tell you."
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