Celebrities TMI Facts About Kanye West's Sex Life  

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Kanye West sure has a way with words. And he tends to use every chance he gets to speak up about his ever-growing list of sex-capades with his wife and reality television mogul Kim Kardashian. Dubbed Kimye, the celebrity power couple has dominated headlines with their outspoken oversharing on all things sex, lies, and videotapes (yes, they may have just made their very own sex tape). With a rapper who loves to boast about all things Kanye, and a reality television superstar whose job is to "tell all," there's little room left for the imagination regarding West's sex life.

Although Kanye's current NSFW sex raps and rhymes are primarily dedicated to his wife Kim K, West's sexual deviancy and kinky habits weren't always reserved for his married life. Before Kim came then-girlfriend Amber Rose and a whole slew of other groupies, strippers, and fans. Kanye's sex list is likely lengthy, and his gratuitous raps are more than happy to divulge the details. Although he may regret all the salacious details he's handed over to the media regarding his past dating indiscretions over the years, Kanye has finally designated himself a one-woman kind of man. Family life has changed Kanye, but it hasn't altered his rowdy sexual tendencies. In fact, he may have finally found someone that can keep up with everything he likes in the bedroom (maybe even some #FingersInTheBooty). If you haven't been Keeping Up with Kanye, here are 15 TMI facts about Kanye West's sex life.
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He Likes a Few Fingers in the Booty

After Kanye went off on Wiz Khalifa in a series of bizarre and incomprehensible tweets, his ex Amber Rose fearlessly knocked the rapper off his pedestal. In what could quite possibly be the greatest clapback in Twitter history, Rose jumped into the 140 character warfare claiming that West likes a few fingers in his booty during sex.

"Awww @kanyewest are u mad I'm not around to play in ur a**hole anymore? #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch," read the tweet.

The tweet instantly sparked social media riots and West was suddenly suspiciously quiet. He later responded to the tweet, denying that he is into any ass play.
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He's Has a Sex Tape with a Kim Lookalike

Reports of a mysterious Kanye West sex tape have circulated on the Internet for a while now. According to insider sources, West had the tape suppressed by dishing out a large sum of money to prevent its release. Most peculiar is the fact that the tape reportedly involves a Kim Kardashian lookalike. Oddly enough, the tape was filmed before the reality power couple started dating. Although the woman's identity is unknown, she was 18 years old at the time of the filming. Rumors about a second sex tape with the same woman surfaced shortly after, but its existence hasn't been confirmed.
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Pregnant Kim Is His Favorite Kim to Have Sex With

Happy 2 year anniversary to the love of my life! You make me so happy! I love you so much!!!

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim's pregnant belly has never gotten in the way of her and Kanye's sex life. In fact, some sources have suggested that Kanye's bedroom antics with his wife seem to increase when Kim's expecting. One source shared: "Kanye wishes Kim could be pregnant all year long. They have the most adventurous and crazy sex when she's pregnant. He loves bumping and grinding with Kim when she's pregnant. He loves caressing her pregnant body with oils." 
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He's Still Holding Out Hope for Taylor

Awwww Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!! #KanTay2020 #BFFs

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Kanye pissed off the Swiftie Squad when he dropped his latest album, The Life of Pablo. Although everything finally seemed to be at peace between West and Swift since his infamous acceptance speech highjacking, his song "Famous" made some crude references to the pop singer. A line from the song reads: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that b*tch famous."

The lyrics riled up fans and celebrity friends of Swift alike. While Kanye claimed Swift approved the line, her representatives swiftly denied that statement. While Kanye may be holding out hope to get Swift in the bedroom, the pop star had the last laugh when she took a jab at Kanye during her Grammy acceptance speech.
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