'The Kardashians' Premiered On Hulu And The Reactions Are Just As Dramatic As The First Episode

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The Kardashians are back and better than ever? According to most fans that's definitely the case! Others? Not so much. If you've already seen the premiere on Hulu, check out these tweets and see if you agree with any of these reactions.

  • 1. Tristan's On Edge


    282 votes
  • 2. Why Is Scott So In His Feelings?


    189 votes
  • 3. Good For Her


    214 votes
  • 4. Kourtney Knows What She Wants

    Kourtney Knows What She Wants
    Photo: @ChrissyTheDon / Twitter
    191 votes
  • 5. Who CHEATS On Khloe Kardashian?


    136 votes
  • 6. No One Cares

    No One Cares
    Photo: @kaziii___m / Twitter
    131 votes