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People Describe The Times They Got Revenge On The "Karens" In Their Lives

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Karens are a blight on the world at this point – especially to the restaurant and retail businesses – but it's nice to see them get taken down a peg. These Redditors are recapping the times they got revenge on the Karens freaking out on them.

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    Flat Tire

    From Redditor u/Grumpy13:

    This happened a few years back but I have been reading some of the revenge post and thought you might like this. Cast of people Me=obvious Snobby lady=Karen Ignorant girl=daughter

    Short back story, this happened years ago when I was still young and strong and thought people were nice and should be helped if I could. I was on my way to school (a Jr college in a small city in Idaho) and as I was going down the road I saw a car with a flat tire and two women trying to use a jack upside down so knew they didn't know what they were doing so I pulled over and asked if they needed help. After the spare was on the car and before the lug nuts were tight Karen started in on my about how I must be really proud of myself thinking that they could not do the tire by themselves, then daughter started in calling my a male chauvinist pig and a few other good terms. All the while they were berating me I was removing the tire I had installed and put the flat one back on and tightened the lug nuts up as tight as I could, I had been working prior in the mines of the area and was used to lifting 100 plus lbs several times and hour so was fairly stout, so the lugs were not coming lose easily. I then let the jack back down and took the base off and set the whole thing down and started walking back to my truck as they two realized that the tire was flat and I had put the bad one back on, as they asked me to correct that I just looked at them and told them maybe you make sure the job is done before you start calling people names and that the kindness of someones heart does have limitations. I drove off knowing that those lugs were not coming off easily and had no feelings of shame or sorrow for what I did.

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    Read Your Emails

    From Redditor u/theycallmejaws:

    I used to work in an office, what kind of work isn’t particularly important to the story so just picture a basic office job. Every January, HR would send an email to all employees with the employee handbook. This included job descriptions, office policies, etc.

    Every year since the PDF handbook had been established it would be named with the year following it to establish it was different than the original and all other years. Any changes would have updated next to the section in the table of contents so you could see what had changed from the previous year and familiarize yourself with anything new.

    Now with that background, we will introduce Karen. Karen had been with the company a pretty long time (about 10 years I believe). She was fine at her job. Just fine. She would get things done, but not without making everyone else miserable in the process. She would ask questions that had already been answered, and basically just waste everyones time for fun. She was just plain nasty to people, and tried as hard as she could to make everyone stay far away from her. The worst thing about her, was she always seemed to be looking for a fight or looking for a reason to complain. She had threatened lawsuits a few times over any small thing, but would always just get over it and drop it bc she knew no laws had been broken and it would never go anywhere. She'd comment on how she should sue basically every business she ever went to because she could live off the settlement and retire early. Over the smallest issues you can imagine. She did her job and we never had a valid reason to fire her, especially knowing how lawsuit happy she was, so she stayed. Karen’s job description (as per the handbook) called for a bachelors degree. Karen did not have a bachelors degree, but had been hired prior to that being a requirement so she was grandfathered in. One day, a position above hers became open. A guy who we will call Terry had recently completed his masters degree after taking night classes for a few years, and since an internal promotion is typically better than an outside hire, he was chosen for the promotion. Terry had been at the company about 4.5 years, and was well liked and great at his job, the new job required a masters degree in its job description, and him being a recent grad it was a perfect fit and everyone was happy for him.

    Everyone but Karen. Since she was constantly looking for something to sue about, she took it as a direct insult that she had not been considered for this promotion that she was not at all qualified for. She immediately cried discrimination and told our boss her lawyer would be in touch. We were all perplexed, since it was very clear that this position required a masters degree and given that she didn’t even have a bachelors degree there is no way she could have been hired for the role.

    What we soon realized, was that Karen had saved the original company handbook named “company handbook” and had not bothered to open or save any new editions that were sent in the following 8 years. She just assumed no changes had been made and that it was just sent every year to ensure all employees had it. If she has bothered to open the file, she would have seen the sections that say updated in the Table of contents.

    Since Karen cried lawsuit a lot, no one expected much of this since it was ridiculous claim. But Sure enough, Karen gives her resignation letter via email and it is scathing, about how she can't bear to work in such a discriminatory environment that would only promote men. When any higher ups try to speak to her about this and clear up the confusion, she basically tells them to f*ck off and to 'read the damn email, I don't owe any more of an explanation'. She basically goes full Karen. Not long after, a letter comes in from her lawyer asking for a settlement to avoid a discrimination case. What Karen hadn’t realized was that our boss’s sister in law owned a law firm. She didn’t really take on clients herself anymore and mostly just managed the other lawyers of her firm, she was basically semi retired. What this meant was she had plenty of time to review any letters from Karen’s lawyer and advise us.

    Since Karen didn’t bother to read any of the updated handbooks, she was unaware that this position had required a masters degree for many years now (I believe about 6 years). She supplied her lawyer with the original company handbook from 9 years ago, and he used that as reference in his settlement demand. This was when we realized she hadn't read any new handbooks in years. Since Karen rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, Boss's sister in law decided to personally take on the case. Every letter Karens lawyer sent, she sent back one 3 times in length. Some of it wouldn't even really say anything, just wordiness, but it would certainly take Karen's lawyer awhile to read it, and he did not come cheap. After several of these letters, they realize no settlement is going to happen, they want to take it to court. It's a pretty cut and dry case. Boss's sister in law shows evidence that Karen has received all updates via email. After the change was made and the handbook sent out, HR even sent an email to Karen specifically letting her know that she was grandfathered in and doesn't need to worry, to which Karen replied "okay, thank you!", confirming receipt of it. The best part was when Boss's SIL said that they couldn't break company rules to give Karen a job she was totally unqualified for while neglecting another employee who went above and beyond to get his masters degree to advance, as that would be unfair to all other employees.

    Karen now had a huge (seriously, HUGE) bill from her lawyer for all of these letters and filing the case, etc., no job, no one she could list as a positive recommendation, and no degree. In the time she had been at the company, it had become industry standard to require a bachelor's degree, so she was effectively shut out of her career. It would also be hard to explain how you worked somewhere for a decade and don't have a letter of recommendation from anyone there. If she had only read her damn emails.

    TLDR- Karen ignores job description updates for years, attempts a lawsuit, bankrupts herself in lawyer fees, and effectively makes herself obsolete in her career.

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    Not Her Credit Card

    From Redditor u/foux213:

    This can probably be put under a few other subs, but I think it fits here best.

    Background, I used to be an hourly manager for Walmart. Worked nights, and had all the typical Walmart people incidents. The company underwent a lot of changes and promotion was looking grim so I left on good terms with the store manager.

    I still live close to my old store and needed to grab a few things before taking my family to dinner, it was fathers day so I had khakis and a blue button up on. I happen to bump into my former store manager and we caught up for a bit. We had been talking close to the registers and as we parted, Karen came screeching at me. I looked at my former boss and he grinned and nodded. We will call him SM. Me well me. Karen... And SC for security.

    Karen: Your cashier has verbally assaulted me and has humiliated me in front of all those customers! (Points at a cashier)

    Side note I know this cashier I hired and trained her. She had also babysat for me on several occasions. I'm good friends with her family.

    Me: Slow down, please start from the beginning.

    Karen: That little b*tch told me my money is no good here! She wouldn't run my card, and called me trash!

    Me: (seeing this is a [grift] for free stuff) Well please come with me and security can take a statement. I am sure they can pull footage from the register while you fill it out.

    I begin heading towards the security office and she begins to follow but at the mention of register footage she stops cold and begins getting louder and irate.

    Karen: I want my items! I WANT THEM NOW!

    While she is screaming I recognize the head of security walking our way.

    Me: I understand mam, please come with me and this will go quicker.

    Security stops to talk to SM and I gesture for Karen to follow. We make our way to the security office. SM and SC in tow. SC opens the door and lets Karen in. Inside the footage is already on the screen and SM moves past me into the room.

    SM: Mam we are going to have to detain you till the police arriv-


    SM: I am the store manager and apart from you yelling at this customer (gestures to me, I grin at her) you have an [ill-gotten] credit card on you and will wait for the police.

    SM shuts the door and turns to me.

    SM: So, when are you coming back?

    I laugh and tell him "As much fun as that was, I'm not. I have had my fill of retail."

    My little revenge on karens. I never told her I worked there. I acted as a concerned customer. Turns out the card was [taken] and flagged. She got upset over her [illicit] card getting declined.

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    Power Play

    From Redditor u/d_nijmegen:

    I'm a truck driver and I deliver goods to a chain of stores. Not all the managers are very nice. This time I got to deal with a total Karen for the second time. My job is to get the pallet inside the store. Just across the threshold and that's it. Most ask us to put it somewhere specific and usually wel are willing.

    This woman is no exception, she asked if I would put the pallets around the corner a few feet away from the door. I do this and the first gets picked up by her staff. I put the second one in that spot and a third just over the threshold because that's the only available space left. I can get get 3 pallets on the hydrolic lift, so I go get another set.

    I get back after a few minutes and the last pallet was still there. The Karen told me she would only pick it up if I would set it around the corner. Because "she couldn't get to it there" a clear lie and she's tried something like that before. It's a total powerplay on her part, getting me to do something she should do herself even if it takes me three times longer. so I grab her pallet lift and stick it under the pallet. See? Looks fine too me, please just work with me. And that's how the argument started.

    If I don't like my job I should go do something else, she said. I told her that if she would just work WITH her drivers and not AGAINST she wouldn't have a problem with people not wanting to do extras for her. She started name calling and gave me the finger...

    and I just left everything as it was and drove off. Leaving her to get the other three pallets from outside up the slope into the store. Didn't bother asking her to sign the papers because of obvious reasons.

    Noone treats me like that and gets away with it. I hope I don't get into serious trouble, this happened a few hours ago and my employer has yet to read my email about it. 10/10 would do it again though.

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