25 Photos That Prove Karma's a B*tch

If you want to be reincarnated as something really cool you have to really check yourself before your wreck yourself because karma can really be a bitch. Karma's always watching you and karma has the power to make your life miserable in an instant. Take, for example, these funny instant karma photos. The people in these photos not only got what was coming to them, they got it right away. That's what instant karma is. Sure, there is a positive version of instant karma where people do a good deed and get something nice immediately in return, but that is very fun to look at. No. That's why all of these are more like instant karma FAILs. All of these people messed up big time and got exactly what they deserved. And they got it piping hot. And they got it fast food style. Check out these karma pictures, and don't let any of these happen to you. Be good to each other!
Photo: Imgur