Weird History The Story Of Kaspar Hauser, The 'Forest Boy' Allegedly Raised In A Prison  

Mick Jacobs

In 1828, a young man arrived in Nuremburg, Germany carrying a letter that claimed his name was Kaspar Hauser. His arrival caused quite a stir, and it all plays out in the video below.

When Hauser turned up, he was waring a silk necktie and sporting an embroidered handkerchief. His feet were bare and bloody, however. And even more puzzling, the boy both spoke and crawled like a toddler, despite appearing roughly 16 years old.

The contents of the mysterious note Hauser carried offered the most information about the boy's background. The writer of the note claimed to have raised the orphaned boy and directed him to the city. Yet the writer, who claimed to be concerned for their safety, couldn't be found.

If you thought Hauser's introduction to society made his life any less bizarre, think again. Watch the video below to see if you can figure out who exactly Kaspar Hauser really was.