The Beauty And Resplendent Terror Of Kate Clark's 'Human Taxidermy'

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Art takes many forms. But some art takes infinitely stranger forms than others. Kate Clark is an artist based in Brooklyn that synthesizes human faces and animal forms through a combination of sculpture and taxidermy. She states that her work "creates a fiction that suggest that our humanity is fully realized when we acknowledge not only our current programming but also our natural instincts." The result is a transcendent experience from the sculptor that goes beyond her creepy taxidermy sculptures; seeing her work is both enchanting and unnerving.

Kate's taxidermy art has become internationally renowned and collected privately as well as featured in public collections such as the JP Morgan Chase Art Collection, the 21c Collection, the David Roberts Art Foundation in London, and the C-Collection in Switzerland. 

Here is some of sculptor Kate Clark's work in all its gorgeous and horrific glory. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her work and a look at her process.