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Every Man Kate Gosselin Has Dated

Updated January 27, 2020 3 items

Kate Gosselin rose to national prominence as part of the hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8. The show followed a couple as they raised their set of sextuplets and their twins. So it makes sense that there aren’t very many Kate Gosselin boyfriends. Read on to learn more about the full Kate Gosselin dating history. 

Who has Kate Gosselin dated? Millionaire philanthropist, Jeff Prescott was rumored to have been one of the men Kate Gosselin dated. However, Kate claims the pair never dated. Steve Nelid, the family’s former body guard, is reportedly another of the people Kate Gosselin dated. Apparently the amount of alone time Kate spent with the bodyguard was irksome to now-ex Jon. 

Is Kate Gosselin single? Yes, and the star has even documented it on her TV series Kate + Date. Kate Gosselin married Jon in 1999. Jon was the Kate Gosselin husband until 2009, when the pair divorced. The two share eight children: Cara, Madelyn, Aaden, Joel, Colin, Leah, Alexis, and Hannah.

Are you surprised by the Kate Gosselin exes? Find out more about the Kate Gosselin relationships by reading below. 

  • Jon Gosselin
    Photo: Jon & Kate Plus 8 / TLC

    Kate met Jon in 1997 at a company picnic. In 1999, the pair tied the knot, and a year after that, they had their first set of twins. Kate underwent fertility treatments due to her polycystic ovary syndrome, and in 2004, she gave birth to a set of sextuplets. 

    The family appeared in several television shows due to their strange family dynamic. They eventually received their own show called Jon & Kate Plus 8 on the Discovery Health Channel, but the show eventually moved to The Learning Channel. The pair divorced in 2009.

    • Age: 43
    • Birthplace: Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States of America

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  • Jeff Prescott

    Millionaire businessman Jeff Prescott has a unique, alleged relationship with Kate Gosselin. Ahead of the premiere of her new show, Kate Plus Date, which was to focus on her dating life as a single mom to eight kids, Kate claimed she was never in a serious relationship with Jeff or anyone since her divorce.

    Jeff later claimed that wasn't the case, and that the pair was even talking about a future together. Regardless, the couple broke up some time ago. 

    • Steve Nelid

      Again, this is a relationship Kate has kept quiet, but it does seem she was linked to bodyguard Steve Nelid from roughly 2007 to 2014.

      Steve was hired to be a bodyguard for Jon & Kate Plus 8, and he continued that line of work into Kate Plus 8. Jon Gosselin has said that while he only has speculations about their relationship, the two spending time together did bother him.