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What Will Kate Middleton Name Her Baby?

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What are the best Kate Middleton baby names? Princess Kate is pregnant, and the world is now eagerly awaiting the birth of the next royal baby! What do you think Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, should name their first child? This list includes a lot of traditional names, not surprisingly, but feel free to add any names that you'd like (boys or girls, since we don't know what she's having yet).

In December of 2012, word got out that yes, Kate Middleton was indeed pregnant. The news shot Princess Kate to the top of the celebrity pregnancies 2012 list. Kate and Prince William married in April of 2011, and both had indicated they hoped to start a family at some point. That point is now!

Some popular Kate Middleton royal baby names are actually family names, whether from Katherine's side or Prince William's side. Kate's mother's name is Carole, for example, so it's not out of the question that the royal couple would choose that name for a baby girl. And certainly, Elizabeth is a possibility (think William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth). Kate and William could also choose to name their first born daughter after Princess Diana, one of the most beloved royals ever.

What if Prince William and Kate Middleton have a baby boy? Again, tradition rules: Names like Charles (William's father), Edward and certainly William would no doubt be popular choices for the next royal heir. Phillip (William's grandfather's name) is certainly in the running as a royal baby name choice, as is George, John and Richard.

Again, though, this list is about what you guys think! Be sure to vote for the royal baby names you love the most, and vote down those that you don't like at all. For ideas, you can always check out Kate Middleton's family tree, too!
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