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With more than 1,100 movie fans casting their votes, this list of the best Kathy Bates movies is a must-see for admirers of her work. From her gutsy performances in Misery and Dolores Claiborne to her turns in Fried Green Tomatoes and P.S. I Love You, these films showcase Bates's range as an actor.

In Misery, Bates plays a terrifying psychopath who takes an author hostage after she rescues him from a car crash. It's no wonder that the performance earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. In Dolores Claiborne, however, we see a different side – one where she’s both sympathetic and vulnerable as a woman accused of murdering her husband.

In Fried Green Tomatoes, meanwhile, Bates shines as the brash but lovable Aunt Betty while in P.S I Love You she gives us plenty to laugh about with her portrayal of Gerry’s mother-in-law Patricia Spence. Regardless of which genre or character she's playing though - horror or comedy - one thing remains true: Kathy Bate’s always delivers powerful performances that linger long after you've seen them on screen! So why not check out our list then? Vote up your favorite Kathy Bates movies today.

Most divisive: The Golden Compass
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