Kathy Griffin's Loves & Hookups

Who is Kathy Griffin dating? Here's a list of everyone Kathy Griffin has dated. From former flames, current loves, ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands, Kathy Griffin has had many public relationships. The loves, exes and relationships of Kathy Griffin are listed here by most recent.

This list contains Kathy Griffin's famous exes like Steve Wozniak and Levi Johnston.

Which of Kathy Griffin's ex-boyfriends is the hottest? 

  • Randy Bick

    Kathy Griffin started dating Randy Bick in 2011. The pair briefly split in November 2018, but quickly reconciled.

    On January 1, 2020, the two tied the knot in a surprise ceremony officiated by Lily Tomlin. 

    • Steve Wozniak
      Photo: Daniel / Wikimedia Commons
      Kathy Griffin and Steve Wozniak dated from 2007 - 2008.
      • Age: 72
      • Birthplace: San Jose, California, USA
    • Andrew W.K.
      Photo: Treefort Photo Dept / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
      Kathy Griffin went out on a date with Andrew W.K. in 2007.
      • Age: 43
      • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Matthew Moline
      Photo: gdcgraphics / Wikimedia Commons

      Matthew Moline

      Kathy Griffin and Matthew Moline were married from 2001 - 2006.