Celebrities Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Katy Perry  

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Of course you know Katy Perry. She's everywhere. You can't turn on the radio without hearing one of her insanely catchy pop songs. But beyond Katy Perry's juicy sex life, crazy fashion choices, zany hair, and incredibly catchy music who is Katy Perry? What is her regular life like? What is she doing when she's not prancing around in bikinis and blowing the minds of her fans? What was her (very surprising) upbringing like? Well, never fear! We've assembled a sort of Katy Perry biography with only the best Katy Perry facts, anecdotes, quotes and trivia for your enjoyment.

Want to learn more about Katy Perry's history? Want to hear some of the coolest stories that make Katy Perry who she is today? Well you're in the right place! It's time to brush up on your Katy Perry trivia so you can impress your friends the next time anyone wonders aloud why she broke up with Russell Brand or what her parents were actually like. Read on for all the gossip and leave a comment if you have the inside scoop. 

She Grew Up in an Insanely Conservative Household

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Katy Perry was born October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California to Pentecostal pastors. She was raised in a strictly religious household and when she was young, her family traveled all across the country setting up various churches.

Her parents had a few rules that might make even the most conservative among us roll our eyes. One, she grew up not being able to eat Lucky Charms cereal (because luck involved Lucifer). She also says that in her house no one was allowed to call deviled eggs by their proper name. "We had to call them angelic eggs," she said in a 2009 interview. And music? Strictly Gospel. Nothing else.

No wonder why she rebelled. 

When She Got to High School, She "Decided to Bounce"

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Not to say that dropping out of high school is right for everyone. But if you're talented enough, and truly know what you want, sometimes getting a GED and getting to work, works.

Perry said in an interview, "I got my GED when I was 15, when I was a freshman in high school. I know it was my first semester of my freshman year of high school, I decided to bounce. I was like, I know exactly what I want to do, I have the opportunity to do it and hopefully I will learn as much as I can in this first semester. I took a test and I decided to leave high school. Ever since then it’s been fantastic. I think sometimes you just know what you want to do at a really early age so you don’t have to deal with certain things. Like the drama of going to prom."

She Wasn't Born "Katy Perry"

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Did you know that the name "Katy Perry" Is actually a stage nam? It's true. Katy's real name is Katheryn Elizabeth HudsonPerry is her mother’s maiden name. But if you think about it, Katy Hudson is pretty much the same name as Kate Hudson, which is aname that's already been in the limelight for years.


She Has Seven Tattoos

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Katy Perry has several tattoos on various parts of her body. She has 'Jesus’ tattooed on her left wrist, which is likely a nod to her religious upbringing. A Sanskrit tattoo on her left arm says "Go with the Flow." She also has a happy strawberry tattooed on her left foot and a peppermint on her right. Theres a tiny Lotus tat on her right wrist and a a cherry blossom on the outside of her right ankle. Most recently, she got a Hello Kitty on the inside of her right middle finger. Badass.