The Complicated Timeline Of Katy Perry's Intense Feud With Nuns Over The Sale Of A Convent

Katy Perry has become one of the biggest pop stars on the planet since she first kissed a girl (and liked it). Perry has sold millions of records, performed at the Super Bowl, and gone on worldwide tours, garnering a massive fan base. But there's a group of Catholics in Los Angeles who feel less than thrilled about the singer - all because Katy Perry is feuding with some nuns.

The argument is over an old building that acted as the home for the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This Katy Perry convent drama began in 2014 when the pop star attempted to buy the property. The nuns launched a legal bid to stop the sale of the building, as they didn't feel it would be appropriate for Perry to own it.

Out of all the bizarre facts about the superstar, the question of precisely what is happening with Katy Perry's convent remains the most intriguing of them all.


  • 2011: The Nuns Get Kicked Out Of The Convent

    2011: The Nuns Get Kicked Out Of The Convent
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    In 2011, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles ordered the nuns living there to leave the convent. The property, located in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, CA, stretches across a total of eight acres, making it incredibly valuable.

    When the nuns were told to leave the home they had lived in for decades, they did so. According to Sister Catherine Rose Holzman: "We had to do what we were told. I think it's because they were trying to sell our property. They had been trying for years even when we lived there. But none of us ever wanted to leave."

  • 2013: Katy Perry Begins Trying To Buy The Convent

    2013: Katy Perry Begins Trying To Buy The Convent
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    Katy Perry began showing an interest in the convent in the years following the nuns' eviction. In 2013, she finally tried putting those plans into action. The estate features more than 30,000 square feet of living space, which includes a fountain swimming pool and a large garden area.

    Perry planned on living in the building with her mother and her grandmother.

  • April 2014: Perry Makes A Deal To Buy The Convent For $14.5 Million

    April 2014: Perry Makes A Deal To Buy The Convent For $14.5 Million
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    Katy Perry officially launched a bid to buy the convent in 2014. The pop star offered a total of $14.5 million, with $10 million of that being in cash. The deal could not go through immediately, though, as canon law meant it required Vatican approval. This was due to a regulation in the Catholic Church that states any sale of more than $7.5 million necessitates consent directly from the pope.

    Complicating matters more, a group of five nuns did not want to sell the property to the pop star for a variety of reasons. They felt much of Perry's material was inappropriate and against their religious beliefs. The nuns also felt the initial deal with Perry had been done behind their backs. Ironically, they then arranged their own deal behind the archdiocese's back.

  • May 20, 2015: The Nuns Sell The Property To Restaurateur Dana Hollister

    When the nuns first learned of Perry's interest in April 2014, they quickly agreed to another deal with restaurateur Dana Hollister, who offered more money, with the agreement coming to a total of $15.5 million. But the nuns didn't appear to have the legal right to sell the property.

    The nuns finalized Hollister's deal on May 20, 2015, selling her the property despite the legal quandaries. For the next year, Perry, the nuns, Hollister, and the archdiocese battled in court to determine who was legally allowed to sell and buy the property.

  • May 26, 2015: The Nuns Meet With Katy Perry

    Six days after the nuns agreed to sell to Hollister, Archbishop Jose Gomez convinced the five sisters who were blocking the Perry sale to meet with the singer. He hoped it would induce them to agree to the deal favored by the archdiocese. During the meeting, Perry attempted to persuade them that she wasn't anti-religious and even sang "Oh Happy Day."

    Though the meeting succeeded in convincing three of the nuns that the sale to Perry should go through, two remained vehemently opposed.

  • June 2015: Hollister Moves Into The Convent

    Almost immediately after buying the former convent from the nuns, Dana Hollister moved into the property. The designer and restaurateur planned on turning the huge estate into a luxury restaurant, hotel, and spa facility. This was a plan she first dreamed up in the '90s when she purchased a similar property.

    Hollister couldn't start work on the transformation, though, as the construction would involve commercial zoning changes that locals were already gearing up to oppose.