makeup This Makeup Artist Paints Gorgeous Geodes All Over Her Body  

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19-year-old Katy Tolj puts the artist in makeup artist. Although the Australian makeup lover has been creating gorgeous makeup looks for over a year on Instagram (and has over 13k followers to show for it), she’s recently become known in the makeup community for her geode makeup.

Geode makeup is pretty much what it sounds like - amazing makeup inspired by geodes. Geodes are plain-looking rocks that, inside, contain brilliant quartz crystals. Tolj crafts each sparkly, glittering geode look by mixing everyday makeup products (like Huda Beauty foundation and a NYX contour palette) with more heavy-duty items (like liquid latex and chunky glitter). With each look, she makes it appear as though her skin has been cut open to reveal a gorgeous geode inside. Most often, Tolj uses her arm as a canvas for her nature-inspired makeup, but she’s even managed to make her face look like a geode from time to time. Now, that's skill.

One thing’s for sure: The beauty community can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Check out Tolj's elaborate geode-inspired makeup looks, and vote up the most brilliant crystals!

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This MUA Bleeds Rainbow Crystals


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A Rainbow Geode In Tribute To Marriage Equality = All Kinds Of Cool


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This Makeup Is Better Than A Holograph


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Any Way You Slice Is, This Makeup Is Incredible


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