sports Kayaker Cheats Death After Getting Trapped Between Rocks Underwater In Raging Rapids  

Rebecca High

This daring kayaker cheated death and survived some raging rapids, as his harrowing on-board video footage proves.

In 2013, German kayaker Adrian Mattern was paddling on a challenging Grade V run along a river in Austria, but during an especially treacherous passage, his kayak was trapped between some rocks and violent, raging waters.

He is fully submerged, and you can still faintly see him attempting to paddle furiously as the water overcomes the kayak and the camera, threatening to drown him.

Then, just as quickly as it all began, Mattern's kayak is released from the swell and he makes it out of the rapids into calm, peaceful water. His heavy breathing on this video's audio is a sobering reminder of how close a call he had, and how nature is always king.