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Keanu Movie Quotes

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Keanu movie quotes tell the story of two cousins who take to the inner city streets in order to rescue a stolen kitten. The action comedy movie was written by Jordan Peele and Alex Rubens. Peter Atencio directed Keanu, which opened in theaters in the United States on April 29, 2016.

In Keanu, Rell (Jordan Peele) is feeling down after some relationship problems and overall unpleasant life happenings. This all changes, however, when the cutest little kitten arrives at his door. Rell names the kitten Keanu and swiftly introduces the fluff ball to his cousin, Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key). But one day Rell and Clarence come back to Rell's place to see it burglarized and Keanu missing.

So Rell and Clarence head out on a mission to find Keanu, one that leads them to drug dealer Hulka (Will Forte), gang leader Cheddar (Method Man), Mexican drug cartel kingpin Bacon (Luis Guzman) and gangster Hi-C (Tiffany Haddish). Completely out of their element, Rell and Clarence must work together to outwit the enemies and return Keanu to his rightful owner.

Keanu brought a dose of cat cuteness to theaters already showing other films such as A Hologram for the King, Tale of Tales, The Huntsman: Winter's War, and Elvis & Nixon.
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