The Best Keanu Reeves 'Always Be My Maybe' Entrance Memes 

Maggie Clancy
Updated June 3, 2019 400 votes 84 voters 2.8k views 17 items

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Oh, Keanu Reeves - what did we do to deserve you? On May 31, Netflix released the rom-com Always Be My Maybe, and almost all viewers agree: Reeves's cameo is easily the best part of the film. 

Reeves is one of the nicest men in Hollywood, which is what makes his over-the-top, pseudo-humble self-portrayal in the film even more hysterical. In the film, Reeves makes his entrance to AWOLNATION's "Sail," but fans of the film discovered this isn't the only song that makes his entrance. Twitter user @keanuwtm (keanu walks to music) quickly got to work and mashed up Reeves's arrival to a variety of songs, and somehow, they all work. 


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'Whatta Man' By Salt-N-Pepa And En Vogue


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'Take My Breath Away' By Berlin


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