28 Times Keanu Reeves Smelled Something Weird on Film

What would we do without Keanu Reeves? Without his seemingly immortal chocolate brown eyes we wouldn’t have an innate understanding of time travel, we wouldn’t know how to diffuse bombs on a moving bus, and we wouldn’t be able to walk up to complete strangers and say “whoa,” knowing that they won’t be creeped out – because Keanu Reeves is the glue that holds our society together. He’s not a good actor, and he’s not bad either. But the man shows up, and when he does he always seems to smell something weird, something that escapes our most important sense. Whether he’s in the matrix learning kung fu, or fighting Dracula, the smell of a slow roasting old boot always seems to be following him. Which is why we’ve put together this very important list of photos in which it looks like Keanu Reeves smells something weird.

No one thought Keanu Reeves would have the longevity that he’s had. Keanu himself probably didn’t think he would make it out of the mid '90s. But here he is in 2015, starring in a blockbuster film and counting out stacks of green paper (or whatever they use in Canada). Maybe the smell is what drives him to succeed? Could it be that he truly smells a smell that we can't comprehend? Maybe the smell is that of death, as it whispers in his ear, “Act while you can Keanu, I’m coming for you.” Which totally explains the existence of John Wick 2.

Vote on the photo that you think probably smells the worst, it’s the only way to truly show your appreciation for Keanu Reeves, American Hero.