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Fascinating And Disturbing Facts About The Happy Face Killer

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Over the course of five years, serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson murdered several women as he traveled the United States working as a long-haul truck driver. He dumped the bodies of his victims in multiple states, so it took a long time for law enforcement officers to realize a serial killer was preying on women at truck stops and rest areas. That is, until Jesperson - who couldn't tolerate someone else getting credit for his crimes - wrote confessions in public places and sent letters about his crimes to the media. 

The truck driver signed his anonymous admissions with smiley faces, which gave him a nickname: "the Happy Face Killer." While Jesperson got away with his crimes for several years, largely because he killed people he had no connections to, he was finally apprehended when he took the life of a woman who knew and trusted him. The Happy Face Killer murder spree left a lasting mark on several places in the country.

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