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Keke Palmer Loves and Hookups

Updated April 28, 2020 20k views6 items

Who is Keke Palmer dating? This list is of all the celebrity men Keke Palmer dated, arranged by most recent. Keke Palmer relationships include fellow actors and a rapper. 

The list of people Keke Palmer dated is not very long, though you will notice a few recognizable names. Is Keke Palmer married? No, the actress is reportedly single right now. Keke Palmer boyfriends tend to be performers like herself. Keke Palmer exes include Quincy Brown and Rodney King. 

The most current Keke Palmer boyfriend was Elvin Jackson. Though the two reportedly split in 2019. Read below for the full Keke Palmer dating history.

  • Rodney King

    Guatelaman Rodney King and Keke Palmer dated from 2010 to 2013. 

    • In a YouTube interview, rapper Ben J revealed that he dated Keke Palmer when she was 16. He said the reason they didn't last was because she was so young at the time, so they weren't taking anything seriously. 

      • Age: 30
      • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States of America