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Ken Allen Is An Orangutan Infamous For His Daring Escapes

Updated 10 Aug 2020 25.3k views15 items

Ken Allen might sound like a human name, but he was actually a rather unusual orangutan, and one of San Diego Zoo's most notorious residents. He was known for escaping his enclosure to go on walks around the zoo. In his 30 years of living at the zoo, his escape antics delighted tourists to the horror of his keepers. People came from around the world to see escape artist Ken Allen, earning him quite the fan club.

While he isn't the first escaping orangutan or escaping zoo animal in general, he is one of the most famous. He even had a song written in his honor. When he passed away, fans were devastated, and he has since been memorialized at the zoo, where he will be forever honored. Ken Allen the orangutan may have left us, but his legend lives on. People still recall hearing about "Hairy Houdini" and his daring escapes even now.

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