The Mysterious Disappearance Of Kenny Veach

The Nevada desert is the location of many disappearances and last stands of thrill-seekers looking to discover new paths and areas. For Kenny Veach, it was supposedly the location of an M-shaped cave he discovered while hiking in the mountainous region in late 2014. He detailed the vibration of his body as he moved closer to the cave on YouTube, and was urged by those following his exploits to return and enter its eerie opening.

After a few expeditions to rediscover the elusive M-shaped cave, Veach failed to return from an overnight trip to the area on November 10, 2014. Police found his cell phone but no signs of him. Reddit and YouTube sleuths began poring over the many posts and videos left behind by Veach, attempting to determine the veracity of his disappearance and solve the mystery of what happened to him and whether the entire chain of events was a hoax.


  • Kenny Veach Was An Avid Long-Distance Desert Hiker

    Kenny Veach, 47, claimed he didn't take a GPS device or even a compass along with him on his trips into the desert wilderness, and that he often entered caves alone. At the time, he admitted he took along his girlfriend, Sheryon Pilgrim, on some explorations but mainly ventured out by himself with the minimum amount of supplies

    According to Veach himself, using the screen name "snakebitmgee" on YouTube, the adventurer embarked on multiple solo hikes in mountainous and dangerous terrain. He declared

    I have been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years... I hike over mountain top after mountain top and sleep on peaks under the stars. Sometimes I have to scale giant cliffs to get myself out of a jam, but I always make it back.

    For 20 years, he said, he explored places like the Mojave Desert and Great Basin Desert, playing with rattlesnakes for fun, even once requiring an air lift out of an area after hurting his leg.

  • Veach Commented On YouTube That He Had Found A Strange Cave Shaped Like The Letter M

    Veach Commented On YouTube That He Had Found A Strange Cave Shaped Like The Letter M
    Photo: HLN / YouTube

    After watching a video called "Son of An Area 51Technician," Veach made a comment downplaying the danger in it and introducing one of his scariest finds to his viewers:

    That aint nothing. I am a long distance hiker. One time during one of my hikes out by Nellis Air Force Base, I found a hidden cave. The entrance to the cave was shaped like a perfect capital M. I always enter every cave I find, but as I began to enter this particular cave, my whole body began to vibrate. The closer I got to the cave entrance, the worse the vibrating became. Suddenly I became very scared and high-tailed it out of there. That was one of the strangest things that ever happened to me.

    With that comment, the die was cast and the interest in the M-shaped cave that would lead to his final hike was set in motion. People urged him to find and film the seemingly supernatural cave, enter it, and film the whole process for YouTube.

  • Veach Filmed Himself As He Hiked Out To Sheep Mountain To Try To Find The Cave Again

    Since Veach didn't use GPS or a compass, he filmed his trek back toward Sheep Mountain, believing the mysterious M Cave entrance was nearby. He brought along a 9mm pistol for protection against whatever entity in the cave had caused his body to vibrate before and filmed his adventure for YouTube. 

    He hiked for 10 hours and filmed the location, capturing wildlife and eating pine nuts, but failing to find the cave entrance. Of note is the fact that Sheep Mountain is located to the south of the infamous Area 51, making the strangeness of the M Cave all the more enticing to Veach's followers. It also provides a tenuous connection between the M Cave and the "Son of An Area 51 Technician" video where Veach initially spoke about finding it.

  • People Encouraged Him To Try To Find The Mysterious M Cave One More Time

    After failing to find M Cave in his October 2014 video, some YouTube comments urged Veach to head back out and keep looking. People wanted the mystery of the vibrations from the cave solved and its existence verified. Dares and calls of lying filled the comments section. However, there was a lone dissenter in the YouTube comments: 

    No! Do not go back there. If you find that cave enterance (sp), don't go in, if you do, you won't get out.

    The viewer did not elaborate more than that but turned out to be prophetic in their warning. 

  • On November 10, 2014, Veach Went To Find The Cave Again But Disappeared

    Buffeted by the push from the YouTube comments, Veach headed out on another mission to find the M Cave in the Sheep Mountains of Nevada. November 10, 2014, was allegedly the last time his family ever saw him.

    He left his home for a “short, overnight trip,” but when he didn't return home two days later, his girlfriend Sheryon Pilgrim and his family alerted Las Vegas police.


  • On November 22, Veach’s Cell Phone Was Found Near A Mine Shaft Seen In One Of His Earlier Videos

    Police were able to track Veach back to the location shown in his "M Cave Hike" video from October 14, 2014. On November 22, they found his cell phone near an old mine shaft featured in the October 14 video.

    According to one source, a video camera was sent down the mine shaft but there was no sign of Veach. Dave Cummings of Red Rock Search & Rescue stated they were at an endpoint in their search for Veach, and he has never been found.