Graveyard Shift

In Kentucky, You'll Encounter Ghostly Witches, Phantom Hearses, And The Dreaded Hillbilly Beast

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Kentucky is a beautiful place that straddles a line between the modern era and a time when southern gentry roamed sprawling estates and sipped on homemade brandy. The old world feel of the Bluegrass State makes it the perfect setting for some of the strangest ghost stories you'll ever hear. Creepy stories from Kentucky have a classic Americana feel to them that makes the tales feel familiar, yet still surprising. These Kentucky urban legends are perfect for retelling over a snifter of your favorite barrel-aged brown liquid.

If you’ve ever spent time in Louisville, you know that creepy Kentucky is waiting just outside of the city limits. Beyond the thoroughly modern metropolis, cell service is spotty, there are no streetlights, and shadows reach out at you from every conceivable angle. It’s a scary place to be, and it’s no wonder that most of these stories come from the heart of Kentucky’s countryside.

Whether you're from Kentucky or simply curious about the state, these spooky tales are sure to give you chills.