In Kentucky, You'll Encounter Ghostly Witches, Phantom Hearses, And The Dreaded Hillbilly Beast

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Kentucky is a beautiful place that straddles a line between the modern era and a time when southern gentry roamed sprawling estates and sipped on homemade brandy. The old world feel of the Bluegrass State makes it the perfect setting for some of the strangest ghost stories you'll ever hear. Creepy stories from Kentucky have a classic Americana feel to them that makes the tales feel familiar, yet still surprising. These Kentucky urban legends are perfect for retelling over a snifter of your favorite barrel-aged brown liquid.

If you’ve ever spent time in Louisville, you know that creepy Kentucky is waiting just outside of the city limits. Beyond the thoroughly modern metropolis, cell service is spotty, there are no streetlights, and shadows reach out at you from every conceivable angle. It’s a scary place to be, and it’s no wonder that most of these stories come from the heart of Kentucky’s countryside.

Whether you're from Kentucky or simply curious about the state, these spooky tales are sure to give you chills.


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    The Hanging Man Of Allendale Train Tunnel

    The Allendale train tunnel is located in the woods outside of Elsmere, KY. It's creepy even before you hear local stories about a man hanging himself from a hook above the tunnel entrance. Depending on who you ask, an apparition of the man walks the tunnel at night, or he hangs from the hook, warding off anyone who fancies themselves an urban explorer.

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    The Jailer's Inn

    The Jailer's Inn, a bed and breakfast in Bardstown, KY, touts itself as one of the most haunted places in America. That paranormal activity supposedly springs from the building's history; for over 200 years, the Jailer's Inn held notorious criminals, many of whom died on the premises. Many of the hauntings occur in the courtyard, which was once used as to hang men who had been put to death. People have allegedly had conversations with the spirits of men who had their necks snapped in the yard.

  • The Headless Woman Of Iroquois Park
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    The Headless Woman Of Iroquois Park

    If you go to Louisville's 739-acre Iroquois Park in the middle of the night, you might spot a ghastly apparition. It's said to be the spirit of a farmer's wife who was beheaded by Native Americans in the 1800s. She still walks the grounds, carrying her severed head as it drips blood.

  • The Ghostly Cop Of Narrows Road
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    The Ghostly Cop Of Narrows Road

    According to local legend, while making a routine traffic stop on Narrows Road in Erlanger, KY, in the 1950s, a police officer was struck by a passing vehicle and killed. His spirit apparently stayed. Supposedly, if you drive along the road at midnight, you might get pulled over by an officer in a vintage police car. He'll stop and speak to you before vanishing into thin air.