Celebrities TMI Facts About Kevin Hart's Sex Life  

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Kevin Hart, the comedic star of the Ride Along franchise and his own BET series, and a man who’s really good friends with The Rock, pretty much has it all. But does Kevin Hart's sex life live up to Kevin Hart's work life? If you’re even a little bit curious, you’d better read this rundown of all the dirty little secrets in the Kevin Hart NSFW world.

One of the really interesting things about Hart’s sex life is that for a guy who hasn’t really been famous for all that long, he sure does have a lot of hangups and skeletons in his closet. To find out what we’re talking about while also getting some stellar Kevin Hart dating advice, keep scrolling until you’ve learned all there is to know about this funny man’s boudoir habits.

Even though he’s been showing up on the big screen for a little over a decade, Kevin Hart is just now hitting sex symbol status, and he wants the whole world to know about it. For instance, did you know that Kevin Hart has to wear a certain type of garment while he’s having sex? That’s right, if you want to be Kevin Hart girlfriend material, you better be into some weird stuff. Get your Medic Alert bracelet ready, because these Kevin Hart sex facts might surprise you.

He Can "Put it Down"

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According to his ex-wife Torrei Hart, the comedic film star is great in bed. "You don’t marry people, and this is my opinion, you marry people because there’s a great relationship, but if the sex is not great, then I’m sorry. That plays a big part in relationships.” Although they did get divorced, so he maybe he started slacking?

Keep Your Ears Sharp for His Safe Word

If you're ever in bed with Hart, make sure to listen for his safe word, "pineapples." "My biggest fear is a woman making a headboard rock on me - 'Pineapples!' It hurts. I don't wanna do it."

His Girlfriend Visits the Set During Sex Scenes

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Hart's co-star, Regina Hall, mentioned that his girlfriend made sure she was on set when the two co-stars had an incredibly raunchy sex scene involving a chicken suit. "He wore socks the whole time, so I know he has foot issues, it’s okay. It wasn’t awkward. His girlfriend was there and we laughed. It was great." 

Kevin's Broken Hart

Kevin Hart makes no bones about the fact that he's had some very real baby mama drama, but when his ex started talking trash about his then-girlfriend, he wasn't afraid to clap back on Twitter. "I guess giving a woman over 20k a month and still being there for her and being a incredible father isn't enough." Meow.