WATCH Disturbing Proof That Kevin From Home Alone Grew Up To Be The Killer In Saw  

Tucker DeSaulnier

Whatever happened to Kevin McAllister, the resourceful little bastard who defeated a pair of burglars not once but twice in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York? Is it possible that he grew up into the most fearsome horror movie villain of the modern age?

More specifically, what if the kid grew up into Jigsaw, the mastermind of the insidiously cruel and complex machinery of the Saw franchise? Don't laugh just because the franchises are in completely different genres - this theory actually holds up to a whole lot of scrutiny.

Kevin was consistently bullied as a youngster, after all, and his repeated familial abandonment counts as trauma, the kind of trauma that could leave a lasting impression. Maybe even the kind of impression that would lead someone to devide elaborate traps for random strangers in need of a moral butt-kicking?

Think about it. Are the traps Kevin devises for the Wet/Stick Bandits really all that dissimilar from the nightmare scenarios Jigsaw devises for his victims? Given a few years to mature and some time to plan, couldn't Kevin McAllister fill a pit with used needles for a heroin addict to thrash around in purely for his jolllies? Doesn't he seem like exactly the type of sadistic monster to do such a thing?