Fun Fan Theories From Kid Action Adventure Movies That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Action and adventure movies have always been a favorite genre amongst fans, especially when kids and teen are at the forefront of the story. From fighting bad guys to robbing banks and saving the world, these kids have done it all and fans are always invested. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding these kid action and adventure movies.

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    Will’s Power In 'Sky High' Isn't Actually What We Think It Is

    From Redditor u/Animation_Bat:

    TLDR: Will’s power is that his body evolves to survive.

    In the beginning of the film, Will Stronghold is the only student at Sky High that doesn’t have any powers. The school nurse says he may be a late bloomer, or he may never get powers. By the end, he has both of his parents powers, his father’s super strength and his mother’s ability to fly.

    It’s assumed that he inherited both powers from his parents. But he doesn’t get his super strength until he’s hiding under a table from Warren Peace who’s trying to set him on fire. He only developed super strength because he needed it to survive. He doesn’t get his ability to fly until Royal Pain hits him off the edge of Sky High and he’s falling to his death. He needed to fly to survive. His power is that his body evolves and develops new powers when his life is in danger.

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    Mikey Walsh Is A Descendant Of One-Eyed Willy In 'The Goonies'

    From Redditor u/Hungry_Freaks_Daddy:

    The Map. Not a ton of info, but the simple fact that Mikey’s family is in possession of the original hand drawn map lends a little credence to this theory. It was framed and covered in dust meaning it had been in their attic for awhile.

    The story. Given that his dad knew a ton of the story and Mikey recalled so many details means it was told passionately over and over.

    The proximity. Mikey and his family live within spitting distance of the pirate ship. In just a few hours they travel a little by bicycle and most of the distance on foot.

    Mikey. If Mikey were a direct descendant of one eyed willy it would make a lot of sense that the entire story would appeal to him so strongly as well as make his desire to seek out the treasure just as strong.

    The Goonies. The Goonies themselves are a rag tag group of misfits or outcasts, much like pirates, and Mikey is their leader.

    The Rube Goldberg machines. In order to be allowed to come into the house, Chunk must do the truffle shuffle. Once he does this, Mikey sets off the contraption to open the front gate in the yard. Mikey and mouth pay close attention to the whole process, and I can’t imagine anyone else in the family making the machine besides Mikey. We see Three more of these in the caves and on the ship, that were made by One-Eyed Willy and his pirates.

    When Mikey meets one eyed Willy, he says “you and I are a lot alike.”

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    Ace Killed Gordie's Older Brother Denny In 'Stand By Me'

    From Redditor u/eppypen:

    I've watched Stand by Me at least 100 times since my early childhood, and on a recent rewatch I noticed something in the film that gave me an answer to a question I've always wondered: Why does Gordie Lachance take aim on Ace? And further more, when Ace asks Gordie - "What are you gonna do, shoot us all?" Why does Gordie respond - "No Ace, just you."

    From my perspective it had always seemed as if Gordie had a personal vendetta against Ace, beyond the bullying and threats Ace makes upon Gordie and his friends. So. What is this personal vendetta? Ace killed Gordie's older brother, Denny.

    Here's my evidence. And It might seem thin, but there are just the perfect amount of clues to lead any viewer with a keen eye to this conclusion. In the beginning of the film, we learn that Denny was killed in a car accident. There are no further explanations here - when, how, or where. Here's the exact line -

    "In April, my older brother Dennis had been killed in a Jeep accident. Four months had past, but my parent's still hadn't been able to put the pieces back together again."

    Later in the film with Ace's gang, two of the most (imo) memorable and significant scenes are where they are playing baseball with the mailboxes and playing chicken on the road. Ace completely runs the truck hauling lumber off of the road and cuts off the driver he was racing.

    My theory here, is that Denny got into a similar situation with Ace. Ace running Denny off of the road was the cause of his "Jeep accident", but his family doesn't know. And I think Gordie either found this out somehow, through small town rumors, or just simply knows instinctually - just as us as the viewers might assume from watching these same scenes - that Ace played a significant roll in Denny's death.

    For me, this revelation changes the meaning of the confrontation scene between Gordie and his friends and Ace's gang. Because now not only is Gordie standing up for himself and his friends, but he's standing up to the guy that killed his brother, redeeming his brother's death by threatening to kill Ace. There's even a little exchange of dialog between Ace and Gordie before Gordie cocks the gun, that hints back to this theory.

    Gordie - "I'll kill you I swear to god."

    Ace - "Come on Lachance, give me the gun. You must have at least some of your brother's good sense."

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    Wendy Created Peter Pan And The Neverland Curse In 'Hook'

    From Redditor u/CptAwesome1995:

    In Peter Pan, Wendy tells the stories of Peter Pan and is regarded as the authority on Peter Pan in the Walt Disney Classic (loosely referenced in Hook). She tells these stories before ever meeting Peter, and having to return his shadow to him, which leads me to believe she somehow breathed life into him.

    In Hook, it's years later, and Peter can't remember that he ever was Peter Pan. So much time in the real world made him forget, and when Captain Hook kidnaps his kids, Maggie even screams at John "Neverland makes you forget, never forget mom and dad".

    Peter eventually remembers he's Peter Pan after the lost boys jog his memory to save his kids. Except, after remembering he's Peter Pan, he forgets his other life briefly and has to once again be reminded of his mission, again demonstrating this "neverland curse"

    This started when I realised, as Peter regained his memory, he regained the memory of returning to Wendy every year to take her to Neverland, until she was too old. At which point he sees Wendy's granddaughter and decides to give her a kiss. When he pulls out the thimble, Wendy cries "no! I couldn't bear her heart be broken when she finds she can't keep you." And Peter replies "No, I mean, a real kiss"

    He ends up marrying Wendy's granddaughter and having kids with her. It occured to me how heartbreaking this must have been for Wendy when "no other girl held your favour the way I did" for Peter in the past. I think she must have desperately wanted to forget that, to be able to be happy for her granddaughter rather than resent her, and it lead to the "curse" of forgetfulness between worlds.

    My main evidence is that she may have created Peter Pan in the first place and she is the only one with consistent memory of it all. She has to remind Peter of who he is in the end, subtly greeting him, with "hello boy." Hoping to hear "hello Wendy lady." Captain Hook only kidnaps Pan's children when he finally visits Wendy, which he had promised to do for over 10 years. Perhaps, subconsciously she knew it was her only way of getting her old Peter back and it manifested itself.

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    No One Is Actually Incompetent In 'Home Alone' Kevin Is Just Super Smart

    From Redditor u/RevanReborn365:

    TLDR: In Home Alone everyone is not actually idiots (parents, thieves, hotel staff, ect…). We are seeing them that way because Kevin is a super genius.

    There are several times in the movies Home Alone that Kevin is shown to be incredibly intelligent (his traps, the overall plans he uses, and how he adapts). But I think that in reality he is more than intelligent, I contend that he is in fact nothing short of a super genius, so we see the world around him as if everyone is cromagnian level idiots. The cops in the first movie said that they had been looking for the bandits for a long time, and before meeting kevin they are shown to be somewhat compitent theives (no they aren't cat burglers but they aren't abyssmial at their profession) then Kevin wipes the floor with them, and by the time of the second movie the theives escape from a prison in Chicago and end up in New York. The family has instances of this too (except Buzz he really is an idiot). Now Kevin does times when he seems to mess up, but those are completely unexpected and unpredicable circumstances (the patch of ice in the second movie) he couldn't have figured that would be there, however he still got out of it, by doing thing a normal 9/10 year old wouldn't think to do (pinching that woman's butt and blaming the guy she didn't punch first). So in reality it is Kevin that precives the world as idiots because of his intelligence, so we see them that way as well.

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    'The Power Rangers' Survived The Train Wreck By Teleporting

    'The Power Rangers' Survived The Train Wreck By Teleporting
    Photo: Lionsgate

    From Redditor u/BlindEditor:

    TLDR: the power rangers teleported out of the van after the train wreck.

    I've seen a bunch of reviews and theories that hone in on the Rangers all surviving the van being hit with the train and then waking up the next day fine as a plot hole. First off I thing that's dumb, it's a great scene it's funny and shows their transition and is mostly explained in movie, but I think there's more to it then just them surviving from their new powers, I think they teleported.

    Teleporting is a big part of the old show and the do it in their street clothes and Zordon can do it whenever he wants. The power coins are obviously a little sentient since they choose compatible people (at least to choose the red leader) and they are somewhat tied into or read their rangers thoughts since they react to the rangers thinking only of their team so they can morph. So even if Zordon wasn't awake yet they could teleport, and if all of the rangers are trying to get out of their and get home safe, it's not a big leap to think the coins teleported them home right after or during impact. It would explain the sudden onset of the powers and the apparent memory loss.

    From Redditor u/nerfezoriuq:

    That's a good theory, that could also explain why they said they were all tired and slept most of the day or two days or something like that. Maybe since it was their first time they aren't used to it and it made them feel like that.


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