Adorable Photos of Kid Firsts That'll Make You Smile

Whether you're the most maternal person you know or still feel like a child yourself, no one can deny that there's something magical about seeing kids experience things for the very first time. If you want to smile, check out these ridiculously adorable photos of kids' firsts, featuring children discovering various of aspects of life for the very first time. These cute kid photos will remind you of all those terrifying, amazing, and awesome moments when you were introduced to some of life’s ups and downs.

And since babies have no filters (especially when it comes to their facial expressions), you’ll get real, pure first reactions as they attempt to cuddle a kitten for the first time or feel the bitter sting of their first lemon. You’ll also share in the joys of these tots as they experience sweet victory over their accomplishments, like finding the dessert table, riding a roller coaster, or mastering the potty... Sorta.

Check out these photos of babies' firsts, and prepare yourself for intense adorable overload.
Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY