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People Share Their Strangest Childhood Experiences With Other Kids' Families

Playdates can lead to some of the fondest childhood memories. For many kids, carefree days spent frolicking with friends serve as a healthy outlet for their developing minds. These playdates are also a window into the lives of other kids' families. Usually this added perspective is all to the good, but sometimes that window looks in on something deeply bizarre. 

The people of Reddit shared their strangest childhood stories about visiting other kids' homes. If nothing else, these stories may make your own family seem normal by comparison.

  • The Mom Wouldn't Let Them Sneeze In The House

    From Redditor /u/zenavel:

    I had a neighbor friend whose mom made me leave the house if I ever sneezed or coughed, even if it was just once from dust or something, so I wouldn't "infect her kids."

    She also made me go home if I needed to use the bathroom.

  • The Mom Made Them Thank A Jesus Clock Every Hour

    From a former Redditor:

    Friends had a Jesus clock. It was a creepy [cuckoo]-style clock with Jesus and the apostles. It rang on the hour, and his mom would gather all [of] us up and make us write thank you notes to Jesus thanking him for what we did the last hour.

    Example: "Thank you, Jesus, for letting us play with Legos and eat cookies for snack." His mom would [then] edit and critique them, saying things like, "You had milk, too, do you want to make Jesus sad because you are not thankful for the milk?" 

    They also had a full room decked out like a chapel with burning candles, statues, and pews. Every room had massive four-foot-tall crucifixes in them, too. I hated going over there.

  • The Maid Cleaned Up After Them With Bleach

    From Redditor /u/auntieuclid:

    I once went to a classmate's house in kindergarten, and her mom had the maid follow me around with a bottle of bleach immediately disinfecting anything I touched.

  • The Family Ate Dinner In Complete Silence

    From Redditor /u/Saarlak:

    [In] fourth grade (10-ish years old), I went to a friend's house for dinner. His parents didn't allow talking during dinner. They didn't want you to make any noise at all. It was so f*cking uncomfortable because it was spaghetti, and his mom mixed the pasta and sauce in a bowl, so when you scooped it out, it made, well, the sound that pasta mixed with sauce makes when scooped out of a bowl.

    Every f*cking sound and Jeff would look at his dad. His dad was just chewing slowly and breathing deep. As soon as I could, I f*cked off out of there and never went back.