People Are Sharing The Dumb Ways Their Children Have Tried To Cook Or Eat Food And It's Pure Chaos

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From putting strawberries on pizza to making their parents breakfast in bed, here are some of the funniest times kids decided eating or making food normally just wasn't for them. Enjoy!

  • 1. If Only

    If Only
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
  • 2. Oof

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
  • 3. Sneak Level 100

    Sneak Level 100
    Photo: u/FreakinFresh4 / Reddit
  • 4. Pictures You Can Smell

    Pictures You Can Smell
    Photo: u/jybc2009 / Reddit
  • 5. Delicious

    Photo: u/diego_byrne / Reddit
  • 6. How'd It Taste

    How'd It Taste
    Photo: u/HollyMacXx / Reddit