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List of kids birthday party ideas. There are so many great ideas for kids birthday parties. If your child likes sports, you can take them to a ball game or host a sports themed party. If your child likes art, hire a local artist to teach them and their guests how to create a charming landscape painting. No matter what your kid likes, there is a fun and creative birthday party that is perfect for them.

What are some unique ideas for kids birthday parties? If your child loves to help in the kitchen throw a young chef party. Serve a variety of toppings with a pre-made crust and let guests make their own pizzas. Bake sugar cookies for dessert and watch the kids have fun decorating them with sprinkles and frosting. Many local skate parks are available to rent for birthday parties. You could also hire a skate instructor to show party guest some new tricks.

Kids love to play with sidewalk chalk. It is inexpensive and allows for creative expression.  Put out a bucket of sidewalk chalk at your child's next birthday party and watch as your guests create temporary masterpieces. Put a smile on kids faces by serving peanut butter and jelly sushi. Apply the PB&J on a slice of white bread. Roll it up and cut it into slices.  It's just that easy!

What are your favorite ideas for a kids birthday party? What was your favorite birthday party as a kid? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Bring out your little one's inner athlete by making his or her party all about sports. Decorate with your favorite symbols from baseball, basketball, football, etc. Bake cookies in the shape of balls, bats and hockey sticks. Ask guests to arrive in clothing that supports their favorite team. You could also take a group of kids to a professional game to celebrate your child's birthday.
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Rent Inflatables

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Enhance any birthday party by renting fun inflatables. Most companies have inflatables in a variety of themes. Some fun options are bouncy houses, slides and climbing walls.
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Sleep Over

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A sleep over is a classic party idea for kids birthdays. Give nail polish as party favors and let the girls give each other manicures.  Rent an age appropriate scary movie and pop lots of popcorn.
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Sprinkler Party

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If you are having your child's birthday party at home, set up some sprinklers and watch your guests have the time of their life. Set up a couple of slip-and-slides and hold races. Have prizes ready for the winners.
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