15 Kids Cartoons That Should Be Made Into Movies

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Vote up your fave animated shows that you'd love to see end up on the big screen.

Children of '80s and early '90s spent a lot of Saturday mornings watching cartoons: from funny cartoons to anime, they took in the modern cartoons as well as reruns of some of the amazing cartoons from the '60s and '70s. They watched the best cartoons and the worst cartoons. As long as it was animated and intended to be fun for kids, they watched it. Over time, a lot of the greats have been made into feature length films (some good, some bad), but there are still a wealth of titles that have yet to be given the feature film treatment and that is a missed opportunity.

You may have asked yourself before: which kids cartoons should be adapted for the big screen? Nostalgic fans of the cartoons of the '60s through the '90s would certainly flock to theaters to see big-screen adaptations of the titles they grew up watching every weekend. Whether the adaptation is live action like the Transformers movie or animated like The Jetsons movie, nostalgia buffs don't necessarily care (as long as it is done right). 

With all of that said: it's safe to say that cartoon buffs are anxious to see some of the classic cartoons of yesteryear adapted for the big screen. Here are fifteen picks for kids cartoons that should be made into movies.