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Every Time A Children's TV Show Or Movie Dealt With Death

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Handling death can be tricky territory for programming oriented towards children. Parents tend to prefer programs for kids that are fun and silly, but every now and then you'll find yourself watching kids TV shows and movies dealing with death. This can be a very delicate situation. While we may think of death as something too difficult for kids to handle, the TV shows and movies that teach kids about death can be an effective tool for helping them process one of the saddest realities of life. The fact is, we all die. This is a reality children cannot be sheltered from forever. Dealing with grief is one of the tough lessons children's programming sometimes chooses to tackle. 

Whether it's losing a parent, a friend, or a respected adult authority figure, acclaimed kids shows and movies have dealt with the topic of mourning and loss over the years. Disney and Pixar in particular have a way of making movies that tell kids about death, often featuring dead parents and scenes that make you cry in a cathartic fashion. Death in children's media can help people process loss and get kids and adults to be more open about their emotions. Professor Kelly Tenzek, of the University at Buffalo said that Disney films can help start conversations about the taboo topic of death and dying. While death is a tough subject to bring up out of the blue, it's easier when Bambi or Coco brings up the topic for you.

A death of a favorite character can always be tough for a viewer, whether it's one of the saddest movie deaths or saddest TV deaths. But by checking out some kids entertainment that best deals with death, the sadness might actually teach children - and adults - some valuable lessons in the long run.

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