Gifs We Can't Stop Watching These Kids Falling Down  

Ashley Reign
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Remember the days when you could fall while you were out riding your bike or playing sports without it really being that big of a deal? Though kids falling may panic every adult in the vicinity, sometimes kids have this glorious way of just kinda bouncing back that can add instant hilarity to the situation. That's why we've assembled these funny gifs of kids falling, some by accident and others just because they can.

That’s right, these gifs of funny kids feature everything from babies wiping out on the couch just because they find it hilarious to tots who are accidentally downed like bowling pins when the family dog gets a little too enthusiastic about the possibility of going outside. You’ll see little ones experiment with ways to take all the work out of making a snow angel as well as that horrible moment when a would-be daredevil or two realizes that stunt work may or may not be the best career choice for them. You’ll also join a few little adventurers as they take on the perils of the family cat, unfamiliar playground equipment, and little brothers and sisters that are just as bad as your own were.
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Extreme Dog Bowling

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Ah, Lemme Just Get Cozy in My Brand New... Pile of Dirt

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3... 2... 1... Naptime

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"Look What I Can Do!"

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